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Adult Consumers Should Have Adult Choices

Have you ever wondered why the only thing to drink at a bar or restaurant is alcohol?

That’s that’s the very question two hospitality veterans, Adam Peabody and Danny Jahnke, asked after a long shift behind the bar back in 2019. 

The pair saw how many mocktails they were selling at the bar one night, and the question arose; shouldn’t there be something more “adult” for restaurant and bar patrons to drink? Most “mocktails” are simply a mix of fruit juice and sugar with zero complexity and no active ingredients to replace the social lubricant that booze provides. 

But what if there was something different out there? 

Something that let non-drinkers unwind and relax without a drop of alcohol. The natural solution was cannabinoids, and within months the two launched Flora Hemp Spirits; the world’s first line of all natural, alcohol free, cannabinoid-based spirits.

Our Vision

Cannacocktails available everywhere

It is our hope that one day consumers will be able to order cannabinoid cocktails in bars and restaurants around the world. And why shouldn’t that be a thing? 

Cannabinoids are proven to be safer than alcohol, and some studies even suggest health benefits from using them. In contrast, researchers have concluded that the negative effects of alcohol far exceed any possible health benefits. 

We’re not anti-alcohol by any stretch, we just think you should be entitled to change up your adult beverage every once in a while.

We hope you’ll join us in our vision to see choices in the adult beverage industry and rid the world of the stigma surrounding social cannabinoid usage!

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