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the world's first alcohol-free delta 9 spirit

We’re changing what it means to have a “drink” with Flora Delta 9, the world’s first alcohol-free delta 9 THC spirit.

Just sub out Flora Delta 9 for vodka or gin in your favorite cocktail recipe (we prefer the citrusy, fruity ones) and you have a sophisticated, alcohol-free mocktail that produces a mild THC buzz.

Flora Delta 9 is made with all-natural ingredients, zero sugar, and zero calories. Each 2 oz serving contains 10 mg of fast-acting water soluble Delta 9 THC to help you unwind with no “morning after” to deal with.

  • 375ml
  • 750ml
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no sugar


All Natural

No Gluten

No Alcohol

Simple Ingredients, Nothing Else

natural flavors
(from actual botanicals)

distilled water

hemp-derived delta-9 thc

citric acid (acidifier)

Pro Tip From Our Award Winning Mixologists

Don’t overdo it! If you’ve never tried a THC product before or know yourself to be sensitive to THC, we recommend starting with a 1 oz serving. Just like alcohol, everyone has a different tolerance to cannabinoids.

Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Our 375ml bottles contain about about 6.5 servings full servings, and our 750ml bottle contains about 13 full servings. Remember, half a serving may be just enough!

Flora Delta 8 and Flora Delta 9 have the same flavor profile. The only difference between the two products is the type of cannibinoid.

Delta 8 and delta 9 are different forms of THC. Delta 9 is the well-known, potent psychoactive compound in cannabis, while delta 8 has a similar, yet milder effect.

Flora Delta 8 has 25mg of hemp derived delta 8 THC per 2 oz serving. Flora Delta 9 contains 10mg of hemp derived delta 9 THC per 2 oz serving. 

Simple! You use Flora the same way as a bottle of vodka or gin. We have a variety of cocktail recipes you can try, or you can sub it out for vodka or gin in any of your favorite or new recipes. Like traditional spirits, Flora has a strong flavor meant for mixing. You can even shoot it or sip it over ice. The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

What Flora Customers
Have to Say

17 reviews for Flora Hemp Spirit | Delta 9

  1. chey


  2. Joshua Marcotte (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite way to consume THC! No calories, nice slightly floral flavor. Very mellow buzz with low munchie factor. Would definitely recommend. Mixes well with most recipes meant for gin.

  3. Delores (verified owner)

    Took this to the beach and mixed with my flavored tea… OMG so good! Such a great mellow feeling. Will buy again

  4. Lisa conroy

    Products are great.

  5. alijames

    This is SO good!! Tried some over ice with seltzer and I love the subtle floral/botanical flavor. I’m excited to try different cocktail recipes with this, I think it’ll pair really well with a lot of flavor profiles. So much better and fresher-tasting than any alcohol free spirit I’ve had and I loved the light buzz!

  6. rebekahbourquin (verified owner)

    I am on a very strict diet, and that means no alcohol or sugar. Now I can still have a “cocktail” and socialize in a healthy way! I LOVE this product so much!

  7. nadelady (verified owner)

    My husband and I stopped drinking 6 months ago and found the Flora Spirits at our local Holistic Market. What a game changer for folks like ourselves who enjoy making a mocktail with a bit of a kick! Glad to know we can buy direct another game changer. Highly, pardon the pun, recommend as an alcohol alternative 😊

  8. Katie Jackson (verified owner)

    I have been trying to cut back on my drinking but still love the social aspect of “drinking”. This is great to bring to parties to participate in either “shots” or just to make a cocktail to hold and it has been a game changer. I feel amazing in the morning and still feel like I had a fun night out.

  9. TaylorKc (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this product – I love the botanical flavor, and the ability to easily reduce my alcohol consumption while still enjoying a customized “cocktail” experience for relaxing solo, or socializing with friends. 10/10!

  10. Fiona (verified owner)

    My favorite drink and the only thing I keep on my liquor cart now!

  11. Michele Czwakiel (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! Looking to cut back on my alcohol consumption and have been trying out some new mocktails with it. So far they have all been delicious.

  12. triciatrunek (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to mix with la croix for a zero calorie, no alcohol great experience. Will be a repeat customer for sure!

  13. Alyssa Rahn (verified owner)

    My absolute fav product! About to order my third bottle!!

  14. Jeffrey Chilton (verified owner)

    This is as advertised, delta 9 THC in a zero calorie, pleasantly tasting mixture. The shipping time is fairly quick and each bottle is well packed and bubble wrapped. Be advised this is not, in anyway, similar to alcohol beyond the fact that it’s liquid and they put it in a liquor-like bottle. It is pure THC. If you’ve never taken it, have some Indica, CBD or whatever relaxes you immediately available. It is a psychoactive drug, not a central nervous system depressant. If that interests you at all, this is your product.

  15. Michelle Brochu (verified owner)

    Flora products are delicious! we found them while we were visiting our daughter and her husband in SC. Having a good time and not waking up with a hangovers is wonderful!!!

  16. sarambrace (verified owner)

    My favorite THC elixir! Love the flavor so much and the feeling it gives me. Such a great alternative to alcohol and for those who are alcohol-free.

  17. Vanessa Petway (verified owner)

    10/10! HIGHLY recommend 🤩

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