“Spike” It Bundle

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$89.99 available on subscription

level up your favorite cannacocktails

With our “Spike” It Bundle, you get all of our signature CannaCocktails™ and a bottle of Delta 9 to find your favorite flavor and control your social drinking experience. All of our products are crafted by award-winning mixologists with fresh ingredients to provide all the flavor without the calories or hangover. Start with any flavor, pour over ice, and “spike” it with some Delta 9 to achieve your perfect buzz! The bundle includes:

1 x 4-pack Passion Fruit “Margarita”
1 x 4-pack Blueberry “Moscow Mule”
1 x 4-pack Spicy Mango “Margarita”
1 x Bottle Flora Delta 9

Each can contains 5mg of Delta 9 THC and 10mg of CBD, and each 2 oz serving of Delta 9 contains 10 mg of fast-acting water soluble Delta 9 THC so you can start with a smooth mellow buzz and “spike” it to increase your dosage. Get ready to #drinkdifferent!

All Flora products undergo third-party analysis by an Illinois Department of Agriculture approved testing facility.


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Contains < .3% THC​


All Natural

No Gluten

No Alcohol

All the Fun Without the Consequences

mellow thc buzz

Our perfectly microdosed Cannacocktails give you a mellow THC buzz, drink one, drink two, do you!

control your dose

Need more THC to achieve your ideal buzz? “Spike” your Cannacocktails with Delta 9!

no hangover

Drinking responsibly has a whole new meaning. Avoid the headache (and the regret) when you drink Flora.

Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Our canned products are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free, with no preservatives. They are made from carbonated water, agave nectar, all-natural fruit juices/purees/flavors, and hemp extract.

No, Flora Cannacocktails and Flora Hemp Spirits are alcohol-free. Think of them as delicious pre-mixed cocktails and bottles of spirits with cannabinoids instead of alcohol.

CBD is a non-psychoactive (aka it doesn’t get you “high”) cannabinoid found in the cannabis and hemp plant. It can be used to treat everything from anxiety to hangovers. When paired with THC (either delta 8 or delta 9) it tends to dull the effects of THC and produce a cleaner, more user-friendly high.
Delta 9 THC is the “normal” form of THC people are most familiar with. It is found in both cannabis and hemp, and produces a psychoactive effect (or “high”). If you’re a long-time THC user, this is probably the cannabinoid you’re most familiar with! 

What Flora Customers Have to Say

5 reviews for “Spike” It Bundle

  1. Nicole Lynch (verified owner)

    My new go-to! I love it. I don’t drink a whole can myself, and I do a shot of the delta 9. Has me feeling good and productive all day.

  2. brookedworley (verified owner)

    A great value and all so tasty! The Flora Delta 9 spirit is perfect with so many flavors and gives me the perfect buzz without feeling bad the next day.

  3. athenakitty (verified owner)

    We love this bundle – such a great value. Every flavor tastes delicious and the feels are happy, consistent and easy for this newbie to manage my intake. Love it!!

  4. priscillajclearfield (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor and quite the variety. Loved it so much I gave some to my family who also loved it!

  5. M.L.Z

    I love the flavor and the buzz with no hangover. Highly recommend.

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